Frequent Diner Application
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Frequent Diner Program

At Carolina's Diner we recognize our frequent diners. As a frequent diner, you will receive points for each entree ordered. After earning 100 points our frequent diners receive a free meal! Your information is kept private and will not be shared with any other company or organization. We do not sell names or addresses to advertising agencies.

Frequent Diner Rules

We appreciate your enrollment & participation in the frequent diner program and would like to take this opportunity to explain how the program works. Each time you dine with us you will be awarded points for entrees and desserts. With each 100 points earned, you will receive a free entree of your choice. As you near the 100 point mark, keep an eye out for your “free meal” coupon which should print automatically at the cashier station. The coupon will expire 30 days from the printed date. We cannot replace lost or unused coupons. This program is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or discount offer. You must be present to earn points.   

It is your responsibility to remind your server that you are a frequent diner. Rules and regulations may change without notice.